Autonomous Configuration Panel

In order to be successful during the autonomous period, you should be flexible in what your program can accomplish so that you can work around other teams that have only one program.

Rather than creating a ton of different programs for all the possibilities, I have created an Activity which stores your choices using Android’s SharedPrefs class, which can later be retrieved from your OpMode.

Because of the nature of how this integrates into the existing RC app, providing all the files needed to merge this into your existing project would be a pain. Therefore, I am providing a ZIP file of the SDK with all the necessary files already included. You will also find a sample OpMode in the usual Teamcode directory with an example of how to retrieve the SharedPrefs data.

The preferences pane can be accessed from the main menu in the RC app.

I hope that other teams will find this useful!

Click HERE to download the SDK v2.62 with Autonomous Config Panel